Cheyenne Trail Boss 5 1/2"

Cheyenne Trail Boss  5 1/2"
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Price $424.95

This Martin & Son Cheyenne Trail Boss holster is our interpretation of the famous F.A.Meanea "Mexican loop" pattern holster that graces the cover of "Packing Iron" by Richard Rattenbury.

This is the most recognizable of all traditional Cheyenne style holsters, carved in a beautiful floral motif and the standard by which all others are judged. Our holster is finely hand carved, lined with pig skin and has a hand sewn tear drop "toe plug". Numerous custom handmade stamps were made for us in order to duplicate the stamping and carving of this holster. Our Makers Cartouche was also made in the same size and style as the original. While challenging to recreate, we feel the effort was worthwhile. Our holster will accommodate up to a 4" wide belt. Our Distressed Money Belt really compliments this holster. The Cheyenne Trail Boss holsters are made for the Old Vaquero, New Vaquero, 1873 SAA and clones in 5 1/2" lengths.

Constructed with premium tanned leather. When ordering specify make, model, length, right or left hand.

Holster shown is pig skin lined. Available in straight only.

Call for delivery time on this custom holster.

Each holster is hand made in the U.S.A. with American tanned leather.


Gaucho, Stampede, Cimarron, Uberti, Navy Arms, US Firearms, USFA, Taylors Cattleman, Pietta, Single Action Army, Frontier, Thunderer, Thunderstorm, Lightning, Holy Smoker, Bounty, Gambler, Marshall, Smoke Wagon, Runnin Iron, Ranch Hand, Cattleman, Gunfighter, Lawman, Indian Scout, El Patron, Bat Masterson, Millenium, T-Model, Big Iron, Plinkerton, Pistolero, Wyatt Earp, Rooster Shooter,