Delta TWO

Delta TWO
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Price $69.95

• Our new Delta TWO O.W.B. Hybrid double carrier combines materials from the best of both worlds, Leather & Kydex®.

• Utilizing .093" Kydex® for rigidity and durability, the double pouch Kydex body is molded on our unique ergonomic radius giving you maximum comfort & concealment. Customers who got to test drive our Delta TWO carriers all said the same thing, they do not even know that they are carrying a double pouch. Is your double pouch on a curve ?  The Next Evolution!

• The Delta TWO has a single tension screw for adjustability with both magazines being straight up and down, facing the same way with ample room between them for a fast and secure reload. With dual slots, movement is kept to an absolute minimum while allowing more placement choices.

• Double thickness leather backing, stitched with finished edges. (Yes, it requires a double thick back, we know, we have been doing this a long time, many other makers use a single thick piece which in our opinion, is definitely not strong enough for an O.W.B. Hybrid Double Pouch). This pouch is built to last!

• Available in either 1.25", 1.50" or 1.75" slot widths. Currently we only offer this double pouch in Tactical Black and RH. Additional colors coming soon.

• Please be patient as we add more magazines in the future. Let us know what magazine(s) you have if they are not listed.

• To compliment this carrier, view our Delta ONE, coming soon Delta TAC Slide, Delta Trojan & Delta Trojan TUK holsters. For a complete carry solution, also consider our Sportsman & Tapered gun belts.

• Each carrier is handmade and molded in the U.S.A. with American tanned Leather & Genuine Kydex®.