Body Guard Special

Body Guard Special
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Price $118.95

• Our Body Guard Special holster is the next step up from our Desert Special I.W.B. holster. This holster has a leather reinforced band that can help with one hand re-holstering and incorporates our Body Guard Shield.

• Optional changeable belt loops of your choice of color and size which allows for easy on / off with one way directional snaps for added security. Lightly hand molded for fit and function with a rolled bottom edge for comfort, allowing all day carry. Full trigger guard coverage while allowing a swift, smooth, one grip draw.

We now offer this holster for some firearms that have Crimson Trace & Hogue Laser Grips.

• To compliment this holster, look at our Vertical Single Carrier or Double Dip Carrier as these are our best and most popular single and double pouches. For a complete carry solution, also consider our Sportsman & Tapered gun belts.

• Constructed with premium tanned leather. Specify right or left hand and loop width. holster colors: black, havana or tan. Loops sizes: 1.25", 1.50" and 1.75". Loop colors: Black, Havana or Medium Brown. Additional loops may be purchased separately.

PLEASE NOTE: Firearms with exposed thumb safety will not be molded into the Body Guard Shield. Your gun will mold the position of the safety in the shield over time according to your condition of carry.

• Each holster is hand made in the U.S.A. with American tanned leather.


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