Outta Sight

Outta Sight
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Price $65.95

• Our Outta Sight pocket holster has been designed to be carried in your front pocket of your pants, jacket or handbag. The holster conceals the outline of the firearm so it does not print with virtually no molding at all. The holster hook allows for a one handed draw with holster remaining in your pocket. Holster is made for several pistols and double action revolver.

• We now offer this holster for some firearms that have Crimson Trace, Laserlyte, LaserMax & AimShot lasers.

• Constructed with premium tanned leather, your choice of Black, Havana or Natural in color with rough side out. Holster is Ambidextrous.

• Each holster is hand made in the U.S.A. with American tanned leather.


AMT, Back Up 45 ACP, Tomcat, 21A, 950, Mustang 380 ACP, pocketlite, XSP, Pony, Detective Special, DB380, DB380 with CT Laserguard, P380, P380 with CT Laserguard, P32, P3AT, Micro Carry, Micro CDP, Raptor, NAA, 32 Guardian, 380 ACP Guardian, R9, LCP, LCR, SP101, SEECAMP, P238,  Bodyguard 380, Bodyguard 38 Special, J Frame, Mod 60, Mod 640, PT738 TCP, PT738 CT Laserguard, PPK, PPKS, Tap, 42, Pico, RM380, k6s, 911,