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Price $140.95

• Our Conceal Your Auto aka CYA is a full length, small of the back holster available for 1911's and Glocks.

• An open top and bottom, featuring a leather reinforcing band for ease of one hand re-holstering and a tension screw for precise retention. Hand molding adds to the fit and retention of the firearm. Full trigger guard coverage while allowing for a safe, smooth draw. When wearing a jacket or coat, this holster offers maximum concealment but allows prompt retrieval of the firearm.

• Double stitched and constructed of premium tanned leather. Slot width available in 1.50" only as well as right or left hand. Available in Black, Havana or Medium Brown.

• To compliment this holster, look at our Vertical Single Carrier or Double Dip Carrier. For a complete carry solution, also consider our Sportsman & Tapered gun belts.

• Each holster is hand made in the U.S.A. with American tanned leather.


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