Revolver Prosecutor

Revolver Prosecutor
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Price $101.95

• Our Prosecutor holster made for double action revolvers with up to a 4" barrel. This new holster features a zero cant angle and is of a pancake style design with belt slots on each wing. Hand molded for a perfect fit and retention. Full trigger guard coverage while allowing a safe, smooth draw.

• Due to the weight of the larger guns, especially the Ruger Alaskan and S&W 500, we only offer this holster with 1.50" slots and it is highly recommended that this holster be worn with one of our gun belts or belts that are of double thickness to help support and distribute the weight. Some of our customers are either on horseback, hiking, fishing, riding ATV's etc, so we have included a hammer spur strap for added security on most of the holsters for firearms that will accommodate it (eg. Judge PD will not, POLYMER Judge will).

• To compliment this holster, look at our Speed / Quick Strip Wallet.  For a complete carry solution, also consider our Sportsman gun belts.

• Double stitched and constructed with premium tanned leather. Holster is pre-curved. Specify right or left hand. Available in Black, Havana or Medium Brown.

• Each holster is hand made in the U.S.A. with American tanned leather.


Chiappa Rhino 2", Detective Special, King Cobra, Python, SP101, LCR, GP100, Alaskan, J Frame, Governor, K Frame, L Frame, 66, Bodyguard, 15, 60, 640, 317, 337, 342, 586, 686, 696, 386PD, 625-6, 500, 85, 415, Polymer Judge PD, Public Defender,